Genre : Black/Doom Metal
Origin : Sweden


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Band Biography

Ophthalamia is a fantasy-world created by IT. The Goddess of this world is the woman with the demons, called Elishia. IT has also created the surroundings of Ophthalamia (I guess that the shores of Kaa-Ta-Nu are a part of this world, as the sea of Ragiih-Nib and the moutains of Makubu-Keen are), the land's creatures and a language for Ophthalamians... All songs of Ophthalamia are connected to stories about this fantasy-world.

Ophthalamia first started in 1989. The first leadvocalist was All, but he moved and was replaced by Shadow (on "A Journey In Darkness"). Then Shadow was replaced by Legion on "Via Dolorosa" and since Legion has now left for the Black-Metal band Marduk, All is back in Ophthalamia.

Winter, the drummer, was a member on both of the albums. But he left Ophthalamia right after "Via Dolorosa" was recorded. He is now replaced by Bone. Night, the bassist, replaced Mourning on "Via Dolorosa" and is now the second guitarist. From now on, he will be replaced by Mist on bass. So the line-up is now :

  • IT: Guitar, Screams, Whispers, Additional Vocals, Talk
  • Night: Guitar, Accoustic Guitars, Screams
  • Bone: Drums, Percussion
  • All: Lead Vocals, Screams
  • Mist: Bass

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Shadow is also known as Jon Nödtveidt in the Black/Death Metal band Dissection, and the new drummer Bone was a part of Dissection too.

Talking about Dissection, Axa has composed the last track of their new album "Storm Of The Light's Bane". IT and Legion even do some backing vocals on it. Axa is IT's girlfriend and she has already done some fine work for Ophthalamia : vocals, piano and even some drawings.

Axa has also got a record-deal on Necropolis Records. She will release an album under the name of Rhiannon, but it won't be out until maybe next year. As expected, she will play piano in the same vein as on Ophthalamia and Dissection.

IT plays also in many other bands.

Together with All, they have released their first album as Vondur on Necropolis Records. "Stritsyfirlysing" (which means : Declaration of War) is a piece of Fast and Aggressive Metal with Icelandic lyrics. They are now recording new material. Amongst it, a cover of Judas Priest's "Rocka Rolla" and Elvis "Love me tender"...

With Evil of Marduk, he is Abruptum. They play Ambient Black-Metal and are often referred to as the most Evil band on Earth. Abruptum's latest album is now out as Digipak-CD on Fullmoon Productions.

Last but not least, IT, All, Blackmoon (Dark Funeral) and two guys from Hypocrisy have a project called WAR. Also to enter the studio in a very near future...


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I would like to thank Desire and IT.

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