Ophthalamia has obviously been a very busy band lately : three albums are to be released this year, amongst which a re-recording of A Journey In Darkness and an album with old songs. It was time to have a little chat with Ophthamamia's main-man IT.

First, introduce Ophthalamia to the ignorant people out there.
Ophthalamia is right now a very busy band. We have recently recorded our new album called Dominion and that has been a hell of a work. This album will be released on No Fashion in a couple of months. For those who are ignorant : piss off.

Your line-up changed several times. What were the reasons for those changes ? Is it somehow stable now ?
I think the line up is quite stable right now. We have had some problems with half serious idiots and people who could not put whole their hart into the band. Many are the reasons and I surely do not like to write a book right now.

So, Night is now Ophthalamia's second guitarist and I believe you have a new bassist... Who's that new character ?
The new bass player is called Mist. He is working hard on the bass and I am sure he will fit into the band as fast as he learns all the ways of a musician.
Besides that he is only 18 years old and has a lot of things before him. The future will tell.

You have re-recorded A Journey In Darkness. Have you made any changes ? Did you use the second guitarist ?
Personally I have a hard time admitting that there exists a first album besides the re-recording. It is improved with new layout, two guitarists, one unreleased track, one extra song which is a Venom cover, TEN times better sound, the songs are more complex and not as slow as before. That is not all... Uhhh... I mean that is all... Well, What I want to say is that we finally have some real and professional vocals delivered by none else than ALL himself. This is as great as it can get.

A collection of old material is due to be out on Necropolis and you have recently signed to No Fashion Records. Weren't you satisfied with Avantgarde ?
Several are also the reasons for Ophthalamia's departure from Avantgarde. I will not care to tell about it here except that I do not personally have anything against Roberto. We have worked together and I do not regret the past, I just feel I can improve the future.

What are you expecting from a label ?
To give me what I want.
Promote the album and give the band the attention it is worth. Do what is promised.

Now back to the songs. They deal with an imaginary world you've created. Tell us more about this world.
Elishia That would be another book I guess. Elishia is the Ophthalamian Satan. She hunts the innocent in the night. She is the daughter of the three moons and wielder of unjust death. For many it might seem stupid with a female Satan, but for me it seems stupid with a male Satan or a female Satan. Satan can not be described in feeble human words. This is why I chose Elishia. A female to show that Satan could be anything. If you ask me personally I would say I prefer a male... My father. But things are not always what it should be and women has always been said to be spawned by Satan. I think Elishia symbolizes things uncommon as do the whole Ophthalamian world. And so does the music.

What is Satan for you ? What is 'Satanism' ? (I mean, is it a symbol, or just 'inverted christianity' or anything else ?)
Yes well, I use to stick to the Inverted christianity thing when it suits me, but for real I do have some other views. I do not wish to discuss it here. I am the son of Satan and the chosen one to unite people and try to bring out our goals.

Your second album featured songs in Swedish and sounds more epic on the whole. Will you go on with this direction ?
We do not have a single song in Swedish on the new album. The new stuff sounds more well thought of and more straight. I have not worked with the songs on my own this time and I guess that is the main reason for the 'new' sound.

Your next album is supposed to be about Macbeth... Does that mean that this fantasy world doesn't inspire you anymore ?
The new album is about the tragedy of Macbeth. It is written as a Macbeth in the Ophthalamian world. Elishia is there and if I remember I even put the Gray Death in there somewhere.
We are working quite hard with the world so it would be wrong to say we are not inspired by it anymore. Also the Shakespeare version ends with the death of Macbeth, so does mine but the lyrics for the Outro says that true Evil can never die and that our cause goes on forever.

What does inspire you in fact ? Books, role-play games, nature, movies, other bands... ?
Yes, books, role-play, nature, movies, not other bands though. My own mood inspires me a lot. I wrote the absolutely best parts for Via Dolorosa directly after Euronymous death. I was very depressed and at the same time frustrated and aggressive. I have learned to hate.

On your first album, there's a song called "I Summon Thee Oh Father". Its lyrics seem to be about a quest for purity and truth and the hope that there's something better after Death. What do you think ?
This is actually ALLs lyric so I would not like to comment it. But I would like to think that what he means that he searches for the pure evil spirit inside him, to carry him to death and to Satan. He will be reborn to our cause and he is not bound by a feeble mortal body. His soul is Satans, who will do as he pleases with it for the cause. If he dies there will be another ALL to pick up where he left. That is the soul of age.The soul of Satan the great leader.

Via Dolorosa and A Journey In Darkness have quite similar structures : first a calm song with 'gothic' vocals, then black/ doom songs amongst which a "Castle Of No Repair", and a melancholic calm song in the end. Does it have any signification ?
IT I like to work that way. This is the Ophthalamian way. First a intro that is built quite primitive with talk and a solo. Some songs, including a "Castle Of No Repair" and then an outro based on talk and AXAs piano. I like to look back and work on earlier material with some kind of 'I like to do this better and this way, this time'. I also want the fans to recognize the Ophthalamian way of work.

You play in many bands and seem to be the main-man of each of them. Is it correct to call Ophthalamia your band ?
Some would say, some would not, I leave that completely up to each person. I am IT and have earned peoples respect. People like me or hate me for what I do. Some people are jealous and other are afraid of me. Some people think I am stupid and some say I am a genius. I do not care as long as I can be IT.

I've never heard Abruptum and I know only one song by Vondur, but I feel like Ophthalamia is your depressive/ sad/ tragic side, whereas Abruptum is your satanic/ evil side and Vondur the violent yet humorous part of yourself. Correct ?
I would like to say that you got it right, even though the Satanic/ Evil part comes with everything I do.

Also it seems to me that each of the four seasons plays a great role in your life and bands : autumn would be Ophthalamia, winter Abruptum and summer Vondur (full of energy to destroy flowers and trees, HAHA). What do you think ? Do you wait for some particular time to compose ?
Yes actually. The Vondur album is recorded because of that I wanted to get rid of some aggressions for making the songs for the new Ophthalamia album. Vondur is the primitive way of saying 'here is a fist right in your face' and it gives me satisfaction. Ophthalamia makes me think and feel. It is all about moods. Ophthalamia leaves nothing inside me untouched by anger or depression whereas Vondur is the more easy way to tell I don't care and if you don't get it then you'll get a tank up yours. Abruptum is only pure cold Evil. Abruptum is the most respected and cult Satan band of today. We do not deal with depression or melodies, thoughts or moods. We deliver 100% Evil. Abruptum is still my main band and part of my existence.

Have you ever toured and would you tour if a chance occured ? What are your plans for the future also ?
Ophthalamia will tour very soon. Vondur might do some shows. I have never toured and I am not looking forward to it either.

What do you think of the (death/ black/ doom) metal scene in Sweden, Europe and the rest of the world ? What are your fave bands ?
I enjoy myself as company and I enjoy myself as musician. Besides that I like Marduk, The Abyss, Waffen SS, Mysticum, Gehenna, and so forth. Ronnie James Dio is probably the greatest vocalist of all.

This interview is for an 'electronic zine'. What do you think of Internet and technology in general ?
Everything is just big words. I do not think it is that fantastic or amazing as everyone wants to believe it is. Fine with technology but I am tired with the HYPE of everything.

Well, I believe the last words are for you now !
The Ophthalamia home page is really nice. I thank you. Ophthalamia sends you some deep thoughts of depression (uhhh...), Vondur says : Michael Jackson must die !!! Abruptum will rule the world.

Darkness it shall be-IT 1997

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