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Bah, not much to say really. I'm a music addict, that of the darker ilk: from death to black metal, from goth rock to EBM, from industrial to power electronics.

I occasionaly do tape-trading (preferably with people from Europe); here's the list of crap that belongs to me. You can also find out about my fave bands. Yes, mostly they're the same as those featured in my CD & tape list. Funny that, heh?

Additionaly, I hang out or used to hang out a lot on IRC, Usenet and various mailing lists, which made me meet several net.People. Apparently, there's only one Ophth in the whole cyber world.

Thanks & Hello
Nahitfol, Kriisiis, Andi Penguin, Lord Evil, MkM, Andrasta, Cadav'Eric, Kuutar, Ludivine, Nathalie, Law, ugo, BenJ and a few more.
I am the webMaster for the following sites:
AntaeuS (black metal)
Melek-Tha (industrial/ambient)
47 Ashes (experimental/industrial)

I used to maintain those pages as well, but due to lack of time and utter lazyness, they haven't been updated since 98 or so.
Ophthalamia - Tristitia
Orphaned Land - Mourning Sign
Evil Omen Records

SPIKEKULT Distribution
Mega's Metal Asylum

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