Check that great interview provided in Punishment Zine.


One With Darkness

Corridor of Cells, Highligts of 95 - 7/10


Chaotik #4 - 5/6

Also the second album for this Swedish combo, also in the doom metal vein but far more interesting, personal and creative than in the case of SERENITY (and what's best, with an excellent vocal treatment that ranges from deep growls to melodic and majestic vocal harmonies). Even if this is a band that's not easy to describe, I would dare to say that this is what CANDLEMASS would be if they oriented guitar structures and those deathish growls here and there but never being mere screams but always having some hidden melodies. Tempos are basically slow and oppressing even if never get too monotonous and repetitive and the use of keyboards is quite intelligent and give the music a certain personality, not being the usual band who only use keys to fill the blank spaces in their sound. A quite interesting proposal, worth checking.

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