Genre : Dark Doom Metal
Origin : Sweden


Tristitia have recorded their new album "Crucidiction" available on Holy Records.
Needless to say that it's still excellent,
even better than their previous effort "One With Darkness".

An unreleased track of Tristitia is featured on Holy Records' compilation "The HOLY Bible".
It is entitled 'Prelude Of Solitude'
and had been first planned for "One With Darkness".

Band Biography

In autumn 1992, Louis B. Galvez and Thomas Karlsson decided to start something new to rise above the average. They were both connoisseurs of dark music and they could realize their style of predilection in Tristitia's creations. At that time Thomas was in a local Black Metal band; tired of the interest being more in the imagery than in the musical side, he joined the band with high expectations.

To find a suitable line-up they decided to record their debut demo in April 1993 "Winds of Sacrifice" which featured four tracks. Their brilliant musical direction was more than well received by the underground scene.

Almost one year of frustration and hard working later, they decided to release a second demo titled "Reminiscences of the Mourner" with four tracks too. They had increased their musical style by combining Gothic, Black and Death vocals, deep keyboards atmospheres and acoustic arrangements.

This cult masterpiece of sadness gave them the status of the underground Dark Lord of Sorrow, and the opportunity to complete their line-up with Bruno Nilsson on drums. This also gave them the possibility to conceptualize a full length album on the French based label Holy Records. Back in the beginning of 1995, Tristitia released their luxurious debut album "One With Darkness".

After few changes of line-up (their drummer Bruno quitted, while they found a bassist), Tristitia now present their new opus entitled "Crucidiction".

The current line-up of Tristitia is :

I can tell you that Thomas Karlsson has a great and very deep voice... He sings in a Gothic feeling, I would say. But he can also have a kind of slow Black Metal voice. Tristitia's sound is unique -and great ! Note that most of instrumental songs are played with clear acoustic guitar at a low speed.


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