Orphaned Land

Genre : Oriental Metal
Origin : Israel



This fantastic quintet are from the Holy Land of Israel,
playing a unique mixture of doom with oriental and traditional flavours.
The band have just recently signed with Century Media
and have already released two albums for Holy Records,
namely "Sahara" and "El Norra Alila".
Each of their former records were worshipped by both press people and fans alike.
Orphaned Land will produce their Century Media debut in September/October.
Release date is January '98!

[From the News section at Century Media]

Band Biography

Orphaned Land is the foremost Oriental Doom Death band and the unique one in this genius Israelian style. In 1991, Kobi Farhi began to offer first fruits of this talent through his first band project : Resurrection. Few times later they found a real stabilization in the bosom of the line-up and they created their own concept, a perfect arrangement between the Doomdeath Metal and the Middle East Mentality (Mizrachit).

Orphaned Land (Israel's symbol) was chosen to reach the unique formula of the Oriental Death/Doom performance in the most intensive form of innovation. Before all studio recording experiences they got the opportunity to open for Cathedral & Tiamat on tour in Israel. The audiance has fallen under their charm. Due to this interest towards their impressive feeling they decided to record their first and the sole one demo "The Beloved's Cry" in April-July 1993 in a digital 16 tracks studio. It contains over 40 minutes of Eastern Ethnic influences with semi melodic occidental Doom/Death (featuring also keyboads, accoustic & Arabic Guitars & female vocals).

This collection of ingenuity gave to the French label Holy Records the real necessity to join them in the same dreamy adventure. Orphaned Land signed in March 1994 for two albums in CD/PD/MC.

For a perfect result of their first album "Sahara", Orphaned Land returned to their own roots to compose their own style before the recording in June-July 1994 in the best 24 tracks studio of their country. More Oriental than ever (by the use of an Arabic tools section with Tarbuka -arabian drums-, Kannun, Hud -Arabian guitar- etc...) their image (taken from the Islam's Art) and style are the emphasized exploration of a war generation. These sons of Oriental volontary manslaughter and tears give us their own hatress through "Sahara" album which has been a shock for the whole occident.

The current line-up of Orphaned Land is :

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Orphaned Land
c/o Yossi Sasi   or   c/o Kobi Farhi
15/B Rotchild Street PO BOX 817
email: s_yossi@inter.net.il

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